Key values Collector Bank


Entrepreneurship stands for innovative power, new thinking and drive. This means that we are driving change, that we are focused and that we dare to challenge. We are open to new impressions and seek to constantly develop and grow to create opportunities and realize ideas.

We want to understand and meet our customers’ needs before our customers themselves have recognized that need. We want to offer secure financial services with good terms, and make it easy for our customers to manage their finances.

Strong customer relationships are a requirement for creating value
We strive to be accessible, to show respect and to offer useful solutions. Responsible lending is a key part of this. We only grant loans to people found able to repay in our advanced digital scoring model. It’s important for our customers to be able to reach us if they have questions or need help. Our customer service department is available by telephone and e-mail, and we speak 15 different languages.

We help people make better decisions through financial awareness
We have a responsibility to ensure that our customers receive clear and accurate information to make the right decisions. We also play a role in increasing financial knowledge among young people and in marginalized areas. See our examples: Gimi and Albert.

Long-term profitable growth creates stability
We are growing at a rate where we are able to provide healthy profits and financial stability. This helps to provide security and stability for customers and employees, as well as from a social perspective.

We develop sustainable products that are secure and resource-efficient
It’s important to integrate sustainability issues as criteria when developing new products, so that they are secure and resource-efficient, and meet customer needs. Our digital approach is more resource efficient than in traditional banking operations.


Ethics stands for respect, empathy and integrity. This means we are responsible, open and forthright. We show respect for one another, our customers, partners and other stakeholders.

Business is to be conducted in an above-board and sustainable manner, and with respect for the responsibility we bear in our relationships with key stakeholders and the society in which we operate.

We take our responsibility for ethical business and counteracting financial crime
Financial crime includes phenomena such as money laundering, financing of terrorism, bribery and corruption. It is our responsibility to combat and prevent criminal behaviour.

An ethical approach is also part of the assessment of corporate customers. Before we grant credit or commence a business relationship with a new company, we review the business with regard to ethical requirements.

Good working conditions and respect for human rights are requirements
At Collector, there is zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination or harassment. We demand respect for human rights, both in our own operations and among our suppliers and business partners.

Transparency is part of our approach
For Collector, transparency means maintaining an open and accessible approach and providing relevant and accurate information. We provide customers with clear information about our terms — no fine print or terms that the customer is unaware of unable to respond to in advance.

For us paying taxes is a matter of course
Since its inception, Collector Bank has paid income taxes in the locations where its operations are conducted, which is an obvious part of assuming our responsibility as a corporate citizen.


Commitment stands for participation, energy and passion. This means that we always do our best and gladly go the extra mile to find the best solution. Through strategic sustainability, we show a clear commitment to our employees and our environment. We show a lot of heart in everything we do.

Access to expertise is our strength, and a future challenge
Collector is an attractive and dynamic workplace for driven people. Employees seek us out, thanks to our strong culture and because they want to work with talented and committed colleagues. There is stiff competition for the best talent.

Diversity and inclusion make us stronger
At Collector we see the strength in diversity in building a strong organization and in understanding and responding to our customers. Our company has a balanced gender distribution, and we want to reflect the diversity of society in other ways as well. We have collaborated in the area of diversity and inclusion with the social company Mitt Liv (My Life).

Skills development gives us innovative power
We want our employees to be able to develop to their full potential and therefore we invest heavily in skills development. This is particularly important for us because we are working with technologies that are constantly evolving.

Work environment and health efforts for job satisfaction and well-being
We work continuously to ensure our employees’ physical and psychosocial health and well-being.

We limit our environmental impact through resource-efficient operations
Our server capacity demands energy. Our cloud-based server solution is more secure, more flexible and more energy-efficient than having our own servers.

Our social commitment contributes to long-term changes
Our social commitment focuses on issues associated strongly with our core values. It is characterized by a long-term approach and the principle of helping others to help themselves. Our partners include the organization Hand in Hand.