Committed employees provide long-term success for all parties.

By providing our employees the best conditions, a good working environment and a stimulating workplace, we want to create commitment to enable both the bank's and our customers' long-term success.

At Collector Bank, economists, IT developers, lawyers and analysts work side by side in a ever-changing environment where a strong forward-thinking spirit resides. Attracting the best employees is a prerequisite for delivering sustainable growth and continuing to develop our business. Therefore, we aim to be an attractive employer that offers an edifying workplace for all employees.

The bank's ability to support its customers is dependent on a continuous development of capacity and knowledge within the bank's every function. In order to realize our ambition to contribute to the sustainability transition, we invest in our employees by offering internal and external training so that the company's competence in sustainability is ensured. We want to create a setting for our employees to feel ownership and responsibility in their roles, to take sustainability aspects into account through all the bank's processes.

Our aim is to be as attractive a workplace as possible, where inclusion and diversity are a given. We are convinced that our business is conducted at its best when all employees feel good and contribute by using their unique experiences. Therefore, working environment and health is a strategic issue that we work systematically with.