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Bloom GBG

The talents of tomorrow at the workplaces of today

Bloom GBG is a non-profit and non-political organization run by several participants in Gothenburg, with the purpose of creating valuable internships for secondary school students living in socio-economically vulnerable parts of Gothenburg.

The fact that working life and the local community in general cooperate and open up for interns, helps students find their own potential, development and understanding of the need for knowledge in order to make positive life choices. This way they’ll get an insight of the local community and what that implies, in terms of business, organizational and cultural life. This creates an awareness of opportunities for further education and an extended contact network. In return, the businesses and workplaces are given the opportunity to establish a good relationship with potential future employees and take part of the younger people's experiences, expectations and thoughts.

For me it goes without saying that all parts of society need to work for a sustainable community where all people are included and are given the opportunity to educate themselves, get a job and contribute.

       Lena Apler, Founder of Collector

Bloom GBG was founded in 2019 by Nudie Jeans, Serneke, Collector and MAQS lawfirm together with district administration Västra Hisingen. During 2020 Bloom GBG has created internships for 15 classes from Brunnsboskolan, Glöstorpsskolan, Kärraskolan and Svartedalsskolan.