Albert — the digital math teacher

One way of building financial awareness is to promote better maths skills in young people. Collector partners with eEducation company Albert to develop the Albert digital homework assistance app. The aim is to make knowledge available to all through technological innovation and building on artificial intelligence. The maths problems included have been taken from lower-secondary school materials and helps pupils with the problems they are unable to resolve. The app has been downloaded by a large proportion of the country’s lower-secondary pupils and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Läxhjälp Albert.

Magnus Lenngren at Collector Ventures

Collector Ventures

By investing in fintech companies, Collector makes it possible for companies to grow and create new innovations, which benefits industry and commerce as well as society as a whole.  

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Mother with a girl and a cellphone - Gimmi (Veckopengen)

Gimi (earlier Veckopengen)

The mobile app Gimi gives children a basic understanding of money, savings and spending, and helps them take care of their pocket money. 

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