Our Sustainability work

Through being business minded, committed, and caring, Collector Bank wants to enable our customers to continue to grow and prosper. Together, we want to contribute to tomorrow and a sustainable development.

Collector Bank specializes in financing for small and medium-sized companies in the Nordics. As a bank, we have a great responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable economy for our customers and in the society where we operate. We want to be a long-term partner to both companies and private individuals by running a business that in all parts creates sustainable economic, social, and environmental value.

Three strategic focus areas:

Being business-minded

Collector Bank wants to be an entity that enables sustainable development for our customers and the bank through responsible financing. Taking climate-, environmental- and social aspects into consideration is not only important for our internal operations but also a significant part of our credit granting process.

Being Committed

Collector bank wants to be an attractive employer in the industry and strives for our current and future employees to develop, challenge and transform in a work environment characterized by good community, diversity, and inclusion. We systematically oversee work environment and health issues and view it as an investment to achieve high satisfaction, motivation, and well-being.

Being Caring

Collector Bank wants to be a reliable partner throughout the entire value chain. All of our stakeholders, from investors, employees and customers to suppliers and partners, should be confident in the fact that we conduct business with care for our surroundings

Our work is based on the UN Global Compact's 10 principles, which aim to in the long term contribute to an integrated environmental, social and business-ethical perspective throughout our business. As part of further integrating sustainability into our business operations, Collector bank has signed the UN initiative Principles for Responsible Banking. This means that the bank commits to continuously increase its positive impact on society in accordance with the UN's goals for sustainable development and the Paris Agreement.

As a bank, Collector is subject to laws and regulations at both EU level and national level, and we are subject to authorization under the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Through our internal instructions, code of conduct, policies, and frameworks, we work to integrate sustainability into our business.