Monday 25 July, 2022 17:09 | Regulatorisk information

The final steps for Collector Bank’s listing confirmed – last day of trading in Collector AB will be 11 August 2022

As Collector AB (publ) (”Collector AB”) previously announced through a press release earlier today, Collector AB has applied for delisting of the shares in the company from Nasdaq Stockholm in connection with the intra-group merger where Collector Bank AB (”Collector Bank”) is listed. Nasdaq Stockholm has now approved the delisting application and decided that the last day of trading of the shares in Collector AB on Nasdaq Stockholm will be 11 August 2022.

Clarifications on the date for completion of the merger
The merger between Collector AB and Collector Bank has been completed when the Swedish Companies Registration Office registers the merger and Collector AB is dissolved. Note that there will be no trading in the Collector share on 12 August 2022. The shares in Collector AB will automatically be exchanged to the corresponding number of shares in Collector Bank on respective shareholders’ securities or custody account. No actions are required from the shareholders of Collector AB to receive shares in Collector Bank. It may take a couple of days before the shares in Collector Bank are visible on the shareholders securities or custody account.

Timetable for the completion of the merger
11 August 2022 - Last day of trading in Collector AB on Nasdaq Stockholm
12 August 2022 - No trading will take place in Collector AB or Collector Bank
15 August 2022 - The merger is expected to be completed, the Swedish Corporate Registration Office is expected to register the merger – Collector AB is merged into Collector Bank and the shares in Collector Bank are admitted to trading on Nasdaq Stockholm

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