Thursday 25 January, 2018 15:10

Telephone conference in conjunction with Collector´s Year-end report

Collector´s Year-end report will be published on Friday 9 February at 08.15 CET. A telephone conference will be hold the same day at 10.00 CET where CEO Liza Nyberg and CFO Mimmi Lykken-Ljungdahl comment the report. Q & A session will follow the presentation. 

To participate in the telephone conference please call

+46 856 642 664 or +44 203 008 9810. The switchboard is open from 09.55 CET.

You can follow and listen to the presentation from

The presentation material will be published before the conference on where it also will be possible to access the recorded version of the conference on-demand.

For additional information:
Clara Bolinder-Lundberg, IR Manager I Telefon +46 70 719 84 43 I E-post