Friday 29 September, 2017 09:15

Spira – New app makes saving with shares easier than ever

Gothenburg, Sweden – Collector AB (publ) (Nasdaq Stockholm: COLL). Although all statistics show that share saving historically offers the best return, only 14 percent of Swedes currently own shares. Accordingly, the Spira app is now being launched – a new partnership between Collector Bank and Aktieinvest, which will enable more Swedes to get rich on the stock market.

Most Swedes save on a monthly basis. However, since many believe that knowledge, interest and time are needed to get rich on shares, most choose to save in one of the major banks’ unit trusts instead. That may seem secure and problem-free. The only problem is that the unit trusts’ fees eat up a substantial portion of the profits.

“What your bank does not tell you is that, over 30 years, half of your return may have disappeared into the bank’s pocket. That’s not particularly nice, and it’s something we seek to change.”
Lena Apler, Chairman of the Board and founder of Collector Bank

Shares do not have to be difficult
The basic idea behind the Spira app is to enable anyone, regardless of previous knowledge, to invest in the stock market.

“Most savers are aware that saving in shares is worthwhile but they do not dare to take that step, often due to uncertainty, lack of time and insufficient knowledge. The major banks have always earned from people thinking that shares are difficult and complicated, which they do not have to be at all. How we have constructed Spira makes it just as easy to save in shares as saving in a bank account or in unit trusts, although the major difference is that you actually have the opportunity to earn a return on your savings, just like the seasoned stock market players.” Therese Lundstedt, President of Aktieinvest

Collector Bank + Aktieinvest = Spira
Spira is based on Aktieinvest’s mutual savings concept That means you trade for a fixed amount of money rather than a certain number of shares. And the user does not have to think about variable commissions, tax returns, other fees or capital gains taxes. Through a pre-set monthly transfer, the Spira member buys shares in a pre-prepared portfolio comprising the largest investment companies on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. For Collector Bank, Spira represents another step in the company’s vision of becoming the Nordic region’s leading digital niche bank.

“With Spira, we are now launching a digital product that meets savers’ demand for a long-term savings option that beats what many other banks can offer. We believe that Spira will establish a whole new standard for easy and profitable monthly savings.” Liza Nyberg, CEO Collector Bank

For further information, please contact:
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