Monday 19 December, 2016 09:00

Collector moves up to Nasdaq Stockholm´s Large Cap-segment

Gothenburg, Sweden – Collector AB (publ.) (Nasdaq Stockholm: COLL). Collector will be moved up to Nasdaq Stockholm´s Large Cap segment as of 2nd of January 2017 which is the first trading day of the year.

Collector was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap list June 10 2015. Since 2005, Collector has had annual organic revenue growth of 30% and profit growth (EAT) of 55%. The third quarter of 2016 was again financially the best in Collector’s history, with record revenues and earnings after tax.

The change from the Mid Cap is a result of Nasdaq´s annual review of the average market values within the Nordic market segments. The Large Cap segment includes companies with a share value above 1 billion EUR.

“Going from Mid Cap to Large Cap in just over a year, that's almost unheard of. Collector is a digital niche bank with major growth ambitions. The market seems to have understood our business model and its potential. As a result, our valuation has nearly doubled since the IPO. We can only promise to do our utmost to continue delivering growth.” Lena Apler, Founder and Chairman, Collector 

For further information, please contact:
Lena Apler, Founder & Chairman Collector I Phone +46 70-525 65 80 I
Pia-Lena Olofsson, CFO & Head of IR Collector I Phone +46 70-858 04 53 I
Åsa Hillsten, CCO & IR Collector I Phone +46 70-081 81 17 I