Thursday 22 December, 2016 10:30

Collector launches digital B2B payment solution– reinforcing its position as a digital innovator

Gothenburg, Sweden – Collector AB (publ.) (Nasdaq Stockholm: COLL). In the spring of 2017, Collector will launch new digital corporate services within B2B online. Future services within the area include: payment in instalments for companies, a digital service that allows companies to become corporate customers when making an online purchase, and invoicing that lets customers choose their preferred terms of payment.

The online services within B2B sales have been developed to allow companies to offer digital payment alternatives. The service renders the sales process more efficient, adapting it to the customers’ needs, while offering companies the opportunity to sell to a wider target group. In addition to regular invoices, it will be possible to offer end customers to pay in instalments over a period of up to 26 months, which is a major benefit for companies seeking increased control of their liquidity.

“We have collaborated with Collector Bank for nearly two years, and their B2B solution makes it easy for us to adapt to our customers’ needs of flexibility and speedy payments. The ability to offer payments in instalments is crucial to our business. It has resulted in increased sales, higher average sales and more satisfied customers.” John Rydberg, CEO, Dialect.

There are significant developments within digital financial services for companies. Collector has noted a distinct trend within digital B2B sales. Companies increasingly expect the same digital experience as consumers when making online purchases, i.e. a fully digitized service as a complement to traditional sales.

“Purchasing within the B2B sector is undergoing considerable change at the moment, and the interest in digital payment solutions for B2B commerce has increased substantially over the past year. Through our digital services, we want to become the natural choice for all companies who have digitized, or will digitize, their sales to other companies.” Lena Apler, Founder and Chairman, Collector

For further information, please contact:
Lena Apler, Founder & Chairman I Phone +46 70-525 65 80 I E-mail
Åsa Hillsten Eklund, CCO & IR I Phone +46 70-081 81 17 I E-mail
Mikael Anstrin, Head of Retail I Phone +46 73-656 21 28 I E-mail