Thursday 18 March, 2021 08:30

Collector Bank has received investment grade rating from Nordic Credit Rating (BBB-, stable outlook)

Collector Bank AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Collector AB, has received an investment grade rating from the rating institute Nordic Credit Rating (NCR) with the rating BBB-, stable outlook.

Collector’s primary source of financing is deposits and borrowings from the public. Collector has also established an MTN programme and a commercial paper programme with frames of SEK 5 billion each with the purpose of increasing the share of market-based financing.

– Increased diversification of funding is a strategic focus area for Collector. Increasing our activity on the bond and commercial paper markets is part of this strategy. The credit rating from Nordic Credit Rating gives us better potential to seek additional market financing at attractive terms, says Peter Olsson, CFO of Collector.

For more information, please contact:
Peter Olsson, CFO
Phone: +46 73 712 04 46

Madeleine Mörch, Finance & IR Manager
Phone: +46 73 712 04 52