Collector Bank’s remuneration culture should be healthy and have reasonable levels of remuneration ensuring that the company is able to recruit and retain qualified staff. It should also promote correct behaviour and encourage balanced risk-taking among the employees to benefit customers and the best interests of shareholders.

Remuneration to senior executives

The Annual General Meeting 2022 adopted the following guidelines for the remuneration of senior executives. Remunerations to senior executives are to be determined in accordance with these guidelines and Collector Bank’s remuneration policy, which is based on Swedish and European legislation and other regulations on remuneration systems for the banking sector, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, as well as generally accepted practices for a sound remuneration structure.

To avoid Company Management being encouraged to take unsound risks, no variable remuneration is to be paid, with the exception of what is stated below. Consequently, fixed remuneration, combined with pension provisions and non-monetary benefits, constitute the employee’s total remuneration.

Furthermore, the Annual General Meeting may resolve to offer long-term incentive programmes, such share- or share price-related remunerations or incentive programmes.